Health and Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Motor City Crane Rental believes that ALL workers have the right to work in a safe and healthy environment which is free of harassment and violence, and we strive to be a leader in accident prevention within the construction industry.


Motor City Crane Rental places the health and safety of our staff, associated personnel, and the public at the forefront of our Core Values. We are committed in providing a workplace where foreseeable risks are identified, and satisfactory controls are implemented to reduce risk to an appropriate level.


Attaining the goal of a workplace free of accidents, occupational injury and illness is only achieved when everyone, from ownership through to the worker, embraces their responsibilities and actively participates in our initiatives and safety program.


To achieve maximum effectiveness, we believe that the Occupational Health and Safety Act and the appropriate Regulations are a minimum standard, and we will actively incorporate industry best safety procedures into every activity performed. Motor City Crane Rental will communicate written safety policies and procedures to all staff members, and routinely evaluate and improve upon these practices.


The goal of having ‘zero’ incidents/accidents/injuries can only be achieved if the following principles are followed;


  • Safety is the first consideration in everything we do.
  • Everyone has the right to a safe working environment.
  • All incidents are preventable.
  • All staff must participate and be supportive of the Safety Program and fulfill their individual duties within the Internal Responsibility System.
  • Everyone shares the responsibility of their own safety and the safety of their co-workers.
  • Hazard identification and mitigation of risk is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Applying the skills learned in training and working safe is a condition of employment.


It is the responsibility of each and every employee, irrespective of position, to work in a safe manner at all times and to immediately report unsafe conditions and the factors that contribute to them. By identifying hazards and potential unsafe conditions, effective controls and corrective action can be taken to eliminate the hazard and ensure no recurrence.


It is the responsibility of our supervisors and management personnel to ensure that workers use the methods, procedures, and equipment required by the Employer, and work in compliance with OHSA and all regulations. Supervisors will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision and will act accordingly to deal with safety issues that are brought to their attention by an employee.


Details of Safety Policies and Procedures applicable to this Program are contained within our Employee Safety Handbook, which is available and presented to each staff member.


Through open lines of communication, objective discussions and cooperation between workers, supervisors, management, the joint health and safety committee and other outside parties, our objective of a workplace free of accidents, occupational injury and illness will be achieved.


I am personally committed to these initiatives and will ensure that every reasonable precaution will be taken to provide a safe workplace, and a working environment that promotes occupational health. I expect that all staff members at Motor City Crane Rental shares this commitment and contributes to our Safety Culture.

Gerry Wuis

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